‘Saturday Night Spellbreakers’ is an ongoing, serialized story (with visual components) inspired by 90s fighting games, pro wrestling, and anime. Set in a post-war world where a portion of humanity can manifest 22 different ‘glyphs’, or forces of magic, the primary source of televised entertainment is ‘Pro Spellbreaking’, a mix of pro wrestling and superhuman abilities. ‘SNS’ features a diverse cast of spellbreakers vying for their shot at the spotlight. It predominantly follows a young upstart and former pinup model named Spike, who has just been invited into a rising spellbreaking league. 

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The Global Spellbreaking Alliance and Firebird Pro call home to some of the hunkiest (and prettiest) muscle magi around! Twelve contenders are currently vying for the title belt--from scrappy babyfaces to sadistic heels. 

The Main Event

Catch up to the action with a quick recap here!

An ongoing saga chronicling the rise of the Global Spellbreaking Alliance, told via the journey of its scrappiest rookie, Sailor Boy Spike! These stories feature less erotic content, but are no less chock-full of your favorite studs goings at in glorious combat.

If you want a deep dive into the world of guts and glyphs, sweat and sorcery, and the rivalry between the GSA and Firebird Alliance, this is your main event!


These shorter stories follow the origins and humble beginnings of the GSA roster. See how your favorite studs got their starts before they duked it out for the title of champion!

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